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how to report fraud in housing

Stopping program abuse and fraud is important to the Lincoln Housing Authority.  If you become aware of any violation of the program rules by a program participant or landlord in involved in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, please contact our Program Integrity department.
What is FRAUD, ABUSE, or an ERROR?

Fraud is the intentional act of deception to benefit an individual.

Abuse typically involves actions which are inconsistent with acceptable business practices or policies of the housing authority.

Errors are inadvertent and generally due to administrative mistakes or misunderstanding of program rules. 

The Lincoln Housing Authority strives to provide housing assistance to eligible individuals and families. 




Program Integrity Department

Suspected fraud and abuse, as well as incorrect payments, are addressed through the Program Integrity department.  The best way to report information to the Program Integrity department is to complete the Official Complaint form, click here.

The Official Complaint form may be delivered in person at our office or sent via the mail to:
Lincoln Housing Authority
5700 R Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68505.

Instructions for completing the Official Complaint form

Directions are also on the form.  When completing the form, please provide as much detail as possible and all of the information requested to ensure the investigation can be initiated. 

Information regarding the progress or the results of the investigation can not be made available to the complainant under the Federal Privacy Act.   However, the willingness to testify at an informal hearing may strengthen the Housing Authority’s position in the case.
Notarized Complaint forms may be submitted by the person making the complaint.  This may eliminated the need for the complainant to appear for an informal hearing.  Please note:  Lincoln Housing Authority is able to accommodate notary service requests.

For questions or assistance in completing the Official Complaint form, please call Program Integrity at (402) 434-5500.

What happens after a complaint is made? Click here