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vash - what does recovery mean?

Recovery, for this program, means working toward maintaining housing and community stability by actively addressing the areas that have been problematic or contributed to homelessness. Initially, recovery referred to healing from physical illness or problems. Recovery has been used to talk about resolution of the problems brought about by substance use. Recovery has been broadened to include working toward resolution of problems associated with mental health disorders.

For this program’s purposes, “recovery” means any and all combinations of these as well as recovery from homelessness. Recovery includes not only the things that must be done to resolve the problems from the identified issues, but also includes things such as getting involved in activities in the community that are of interest to the Veteran –such as attending a cultural event, volunteering, finding a church, or exercising, as a few examples. Recovery looks at all aspects of the Veteran’s life that have been hurt by the identified problem(s) and developing ways to restore those elements for a full, meaningful life in areas that the Veteran identifies as significant to him or her.