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vash - where can veterans live?

Veterans who are in the HUD-VASH program must participate in case management by a VA HUD-VASH case manager in order to keep the voucher. Lack of participation may result in the PHA invalidating the voucher. Therefore, Veterans must live within a reasonable distance from the VA facility where the case manager is housed so that both the case manager and the veteran can easily travel back and forth without any undue travel burden. Case managers will be visiting the veteran’s housing for home visits and the veteran will be expected to travel to the VA facility for follow up care with primary care and other care as indicated. The case manager will probably wish to have some contacts in the case manager’s office or group room at the facility (Contact, while based on Veteran needs, can be expected to be at least 3 times per month.)

Outside of this requirement, veterans may live in any apartment or other housing unit that meets PHA standards, is affordable with the voucher and has a landlord willing to rent to the Veteran. One aspect of this program is that the PHA must inspect the apartment unit prior to agreement to use the voucher to pay for rent in that unit. Any apartment unit must be able to pass the inspection.