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Lead based paint information - page two

Lead-based Paint Clearance:

Clearance is an examination conducted to ensure the site and unit are safe for occupancy. The examination includes a visual assessment and dust wipe testing. Clearance examinations must be performed by persons who have EPA or state-approved training and are licensed or certified to perform clearance examinations. The clearance examiner will provide the owner with a clearance certificate once the site and unit are tested and identified as safe to occupy.

The following firms have notified LHA that they perform lead-based paint clearance testing in Lincoln, Nebraska:

Alloy Specialty                                                                ATC Associates
(402) 571-8833                                                             (402) 697-9747
5850 Wenninghoff Road                                             11117 Mocking Bird Drive
Omaha, NE 68134                                                       Omaha, NE 68137

Inspection Associates                                                 AQS Environmental Inc.
(402) 423-8444                                                             (402) 438-0450
808 P Street Suite 209B                                              11069 I Street
Lincoln, NE 68508                                                        Omaha, NE 68137     

Other Certified Firms to Perform Lead-based Paint Projects in Nebraska may be found at

Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Level (EIBLL)

If Lincoln Housing Authority receives a verifiable report from that a child under the age of six (6) years of age has an Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Level (EIBLL) then LHA will contact the Lincoln-Lancaster Health Department.

Steps if EIBLL is found in a child under six (6) years old:

            1.       The public health department is notified and they will complete a risk assessment within                       fifteen (15) days.

                       Risk Assessments are on site investigations to determine the existence, nature, severity,                       and location of lead-based paint hazards.

            2.       The owner will notify the tenants of the results from the risk assessment within fifteen (15)                       days of receiving the report.

            3.       As identified by the risk assessment the owner will complete lead-base paint hazard                       reduction activities within 30 days. The owner must notify the tenants within fifteen days of                       the completion of the hazard reduction activities.

            4.       LHA will consider the owner has complied with the lead reduction activities as prescribed by                       the risk assessor when the public health department certifies the hazard reduction is                       complete and a certificate of clearance is provided to LHA.